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This is the premier edition of the Civil Servant Voice, the monthly newsletter for the employees of the Government of Montserrat.

We welcome your contributions to each issue. You can send us your short stories, poems, articles on a subject of interest to you, and staff photos of events.


Star Performer of the Month


Do you work with a colleague that you believes does outstanding work and gives excellent service to the public? Does he or she always have a smile, a kind work  and diligent at their job? Tell us about them. Submit your suggestion for our Star Performer of the Month. You need to get a photo, and prepare a short note of what makes this person special. You can also make your submissions anonymously.


Tip of the Day



The use of E-mail has become stand in the workplace. In many cases its is being substituted for paper mail with many areas of the government, internally.

While it increases productivity, e-mail should never replace those critical interpersonal skills. It is very poor etiquette to fire someone, deliver bad news, or discuss emotional issues through e-mail.






  • Be informal, be polite
  • Don't use all uppercase letters (This is the equivalent to SHOUTING)
  • Humor Helps
  • Be polite
  • Make sure your message is clear
  • Get to the point and don't write too much
  • Don't overuse e-mail



Think about who may read your message - not only who the message is for, but also whoever else may read it. Would you say to this person the same thing in writing? Have you inadvertently been sarcastic or judgmental? Is the receiver someone who's sure to put a negative spin on your message? If so, use the phone or meet in person instead.

(Taken from Business Etiquette & Professionalism, M.Kay duPont (1993)




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